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Your generosity ensures that Alpha Search + Recovery can continue serving our community.

As an all-volunteer 501(c)3 organization, our members use personal time and money to support the training of themselves and their canine. On average each member can spend up to $2000 a year on gear, supplies and classes. Additionally putting mileage on our personal vehicles for trainings and responding to search calls across our community. Donations are necessary to our success and to aid cover critical equipment and operational costs. Your donations are greatly appreciated and are tax-deductible.


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We love our volunteers!

You do not have to join the team to volunteer! The area search and trailing canine teams are frequently in need of volunteers to hide in order to better train for a real search situation.


Volunteers are given a path to walk or an area to walk to. Then you can read a book, scroll through your social media, do some homework, or even take a nap while you wait for the canine to find you. Each canine and handler will be working a different aspect of their training and may ask specific tasks for their dog, such as taking their toy with you, showing a toy or treat to the dog before you walk away, or throwing the toy as soon as the dog arrives to you.  These things will be discussed when you arrive to volunteer. Young children will need to be supervised by a guardian and teens will need a guardian’s signed approval. Everyone is welcome to come hide!


Education and Information

An equally important aspect of our mission beyond assisting in searches is the education of the general public. We work to inform the public of measures to take to prevent from becoming lost and what to do in the unfortunate situation where they become lost. If our educational outreach is successful then we can not only increase the likelihood of survival, but moreover, decrease the likelihood of becoming lost in the first place.


An added benefit of our educational outreach is to familiarize the public with our capabilities so they and local law enforcement can get us involved as early as possible to assist with a search and increase the odds of survival. Additionally, it lets the public meet a search dog in uniform at an informational event. This gives them the familiarity of a search dog, so should they become lost they are not afraid of our canine partners.


CONTACT US if you are interested in setting up an informational event for your group!

Kroger Community Rewards


Want to support Alpha SAR, but don’t have the time or the flexibility to join training or searches?  Well you can help by associating your Kroger’s card with Alpha Search and Recovery, and the team will earn a charitable contribution every time you shop!  If you did this last year, thank you!  But per Kroger, “…all participants must re-enroll each year to continue earning rewards for their chosen organization.” To sign-up for Kroger Community Rewards, create a Kroger online account, if you do not already have one to link your Kroger card number.  Once logged into your Kroger account, select Account Summary in the Account Settings section to be able to edit and search in Community Rewards for ALPHA SEARCH AND RECOVERY (direct hyperlink should take you to the search page to add us).  Or type “ALPHA SEARCH AND RECOVERY” for the Organization Name and Kroger assigned Organization Number of “90964” for the Kroger Community Rewards. The Community Rewards section will display your Enrollment Date and Last Quarter Kroger Donation