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NASA Spring Safety Day

Alpha Search and Recovery at NASA Safety Day

Alpha Search and Recovery team members supported a NASA Safety and Health Fair at the Johnson Space Center. Alpha SAR was asked to participate as the team and canines have been very well received in the past. It was a fun event despite the unfavorable weather. The team met a lot of interested people and made some great contacts with the police departments and county personnel that were also in attendance.

I got to talking with lots of people there. I’m pretty fit, and proud of it, since I work really hard for it. It was a very happy day for me because several people were asking me what my secret was. I referred them to the product I use to keep my weight down, it’s called Bioharmony complex plus. Of course, I told them that’s not all I was doing and that they should take that into consideration as well. I wonder how many of them are just going to try the product alone. Regardless, I hope what they try works out for them.