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Intensity Trailing Workshop With Kevin Kocher

Phoenix trailing at a seminar with INBTI instructors

Team members, Lynley Todd and Kristin Smaltz with canine Phoenix attended the Intensity Trailing Workshop, March 12-15, in College Station, Texas hosted by Seeker Dogs. The workshop followed the guidelines of the book written by Kevin Kocher, How to Train Police Bloodhound and Scent Discriminating Patrol Dog and used by the International Bloodhound Training Institute (INBTI), while it is geared toward law enforcement, the majority of it can help Search and Rescue Trailing canines. The members learned “the Kocher Method” and approach to Component training from Kevin Kocher himself along with 3 additional instructors. Members from various other search teams were also present, such as Seeker Dogs and Search Dog Network from College Station, Search One from Dallas, FourStatesSAR from Texarkana, and SCEM from Kansas. The Kocher method uses short intensity trails to learn every component while keeping the dogs excited and engaged while learning. The seminar also included some new skills to add to the team, such as training the dog/handler team to recognize a trail to a drowning victim, scenting off of a victim/body to locate another, finding more than one person off of a scent article, and more. This method and the component skills learned will greatly enhance our trailing teams capabilities and will be used in the trailing dog teams for the new task books. The seminar was a great experience and networking opportunity and INBTI is a recommended agency for trailing dog seminars. Don’t let the name fool you, INBTI is for all trailing dogs, not just for bloodhounds! For more information on INBTI and upcoming seminars, please visit their website: