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Tammy Robertson

NASAR HRD Lead Evaluator

Tammy started training dogs 20 years ago, certifying and working with Therapy Dogs International. In 2011, Tammy & K9 Calie passed to became part of TDI’s Disaster Stress Response team and have
been deployed to work in this capacity to natural disasters in multiple locations. She has also trained Calie in the hunting/retrieving world, achieving titles in both AKC & HRC/UKC.
Tammy’s involvement with Search and Rescue began in 2012, receiving her Sartech II. She’s a member of Pottawatomie County Emergency Management SAR Team in Oklahoma and serves as
their K9 Team Leader. She’s also a founding member of K9SearchOK and a member of Texsar.

Tammy is certified through NASAR as a Funsar Instructor, Sartech II Lead Evaluator, K9 HRD Type II, III & Other Lead Evaluator, and K9 Sartech II & III Area Live Find Lead Evaluator. K9 partner Calie is certified in both SARTECH II Area and HRD III.

“My strong desire for SAR is to keep us all well trained and accountable to ourselves & future victims”