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Roy Lopez

Trailing Instructor

Roy Lopez is a combat veteran who started his career in the U.S. Navy in
1987. He completed SEAL training in 1989 and was deployed as a Special
Warfare Operator during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
After his military service, he joined the Border Patrol in 1997. Early in his
career he became a founding member of both the U.S. Border Patrol’s
Search, Trauma, and Rescue Team (BORSTAR) as well as the BORSTAR
K9 Program.

Mr. Lopez became a trailing canine handler in 2001 and graduated the
Border Patrol’s Trailing Canine Instructor School a couple of years later.
This instructor course is one of the most academically challenging in the
country. In addition, to the field training of K9/Handler teams there are also
20+ hours of essay style testing that the students must pass with a score of
90% or higher.

As the agency’s first certified trailing canine handler, he was personally
able to record nearly 2,000 people finds over his extensive career.
The Custom’s and Border Protection (CBP) canine trailing program that
Roy helped develop now accounts for the location and apprehension of
tens of thousands of criminals.

Being a member of one of the busiest Federal Law Enforcement Special
Operations Teams in the country, Roy quickly recognized a need to deploy
canines in various ways. He expanded the use of canines from locating
live humans by trailing and air scent, to also be able to locate human
remains on land and in water. These innovations became the Federal
Government’s Human Remains Detection Course. Graduates of the 400
hour course include Border Patrol Agents, State and Local Law
Enforcement and many Foreign Law Enforcement Officers. As a result of
this program, both nationally and internationally, numerous missing persons
have been recovered and many criminals have been prosecuted.
Roy is a Master Trainer of Tracking and Trailing Teams for the North
American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA). In this role, he has had
the opportunity to train and certify military and law enforcement teams from
around the world.

In summary, instructor Roy Lopez has years of successful field experience
as a canine handler. He also has canine course/program development,
management, and teaching experience in a variety of contexts.
Roy retired from the Border Patrol in December 2019 and immediately
founded Core Canine Concepts, LLC. His desire is to use his vast
experience and knowledge to enhance the skills and abilities of K9 Teams
throughout the world. He lives in Prescott, AZ with his wife of 29 years.