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Robin Gruebel

Area Search Instructor

Robin Habeger Greubel has been involved in canine search and rescue since 2001, starting in wilderness and human remains detection and expanded into disaster work. She trains and deploys with Nebraska Task Force 1 and Iowa Task Force 1 and is a FEMA instructor and evaluator for both live and HRD. Robin is also a certifying official with several national organizations, a certified search manager and a search management instructor. She’s certified multiple dogs in area search, wilderness HRD, disaster and disaster HRD. Robin responds to requests by various law enforcement agencies in and around the state of Iowa to aid in search management and with her canines to resolve cases. By focusing on training the trainer/handler, students gain an understanding of the behaviors they are trying to achieve. Robin’s focus will always remain on meeting the dog at its level and training the trainer/handler to use behavior technology to get results faster and more reliably.