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Opal Kocher


• Associates degree, Electronic Communications Technology – Community College of the Air Force


• Electronic Signals Analyst• Instructed in 3 foreign countries (Italy, Germany, England)

• Instructed in 8 US states (VA, NY, NJ, KS, MD, TX, GA, WI)

• Instructed Law Enforcement handlers from Italy, Germany, England, New York, Wisconsin, Virginia, Maryland, Wyoming, Pennsylvania


• 2016 – Present: INBTI President

• 2009-Present: INBTI Instructor

• 2014 – 2016: INBTI Vice President

• 2003 – Present: United States Air Force


• 2 – Joint Service Commendation Medal

• 2 – Joint Service Achievement Medal

• 2 – Air Force Achievement Medal

Instructor Bio/testimonial:

I have had the unique opportunity to work mantrailing K9s using The Kocher Method since I was 7 years old.  As an Instructor myself, I have seen the success of students of mine who have grown in their knowledge and ability to become INBTI assistant instructors.  Who have become so dedicated to TKM they want to share their knowledge to help others and eventually are promoted to Instructors. Most importantly though, students who have gotten dispatched to a search and have both contributed successfully to the search for information and also have had lifesaving finds. I believe that in all of this the Glory goes to God because it is His plan.  The success goes to the handler for putting in the countless hours.  And as an INBTI instructor I have just a tiny piece of it all.