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Kimberly Kelly

HRD Instructor

International rescue/response/recovery specialist: Kimberly has lectured, trained, consulted, deployed, or coordinated search missions in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Japan, Namibia, Israel, Nepal, and more.

  • NASDN Instructor and Evaluator for both HRD and Area.
  • Founder and Executive Director of Project Far From home. Project Far From Home is a national educational group, designed to teach law enforcement, fire, EMS, and search and rescue teams to better understand, and manage, the search for missing at risk Alzheimer’s and related dementia subjects.
  • NASAR Director and Treasurer
  • Director of 1st Special Response Group

1SRG: 1st Special Response Group is a non-profit international NGO search and rescue team, specializing in challenging and extreme conditions. We also provide support and training to local rescuers so as to enable their own resources during disasters without external support.