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Joe Hurlburt

HRD Instructor

Joe Hurlburt joins us this year with his wife, Deb Hurlburt from the Teton Valley.  Joe joined Search and Rescue in the Teton Valley, Idaho in 1999. He was trained as a Swiftwater Tech and certified with the National Ski Patrol with Grand Targhee Ski Patrol. His vast knowledge of the area and snow safety quickly promoted him to Avalanche Hazard Forecaster and Head of Explosives.

In 2005, Joe acquired his dog Volkl, a German Shepherd. Together Joe and Volkl certified with the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association in 2007, and certified and deployed with Wyoming K9 SAR in Area Live, Cadaver Shore, Boat, and Avalanche. They were also on a the short haul team. Joe has been the Testing and Training Officer with Wyoming K9 SAR (until 2017), and with Idaho Search and Rescue Dogs (2017-present).

Joe currently handles Archer, a German Shepherd who is his 3rd certified SAR canine. They are certified with NAPWADA in Cadaver, Tracking, and Obedience,. They are also certified regionally with Tri-State certifying agency in Cadaver Area, Shore, and Boat. Joe has served on the Teton County Fire Department since the late 2000’s and has served on countless missions for local sheriff’s departments, local fire departments, the Nations Park Service, the FBI, and numerous other government agencies along with helping to locate historical graves regionally.