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Edie Wiley

HRD Instructor

Edith Wiley (Edie) was raised in far northern Alberta, Canada.  Her family had a trap-line dog team as well as a dog sled racing kennel of, at times, more than 50 dogs.  Edie was running a dog team at the age of eight years. Once her five children were mostly raised Edie found K9 SAR in 2008.  Edie breeds working line golden retrievers and has trained and certified four live find, one disaster and two HRD dogs. She currently handles K9 Rusty (HRD) and K9 Maple (Area Live Find).  K9 Brandy is an 9 month old pup in training.

Edie is currently: Instructor and Evaluator with Global Safety K9 Ops; Assistant Instructor with F.A.C.T.S.; member of CUE (HRD). She is formerly: live find assistant instructor with AMPWDA; Kansas Task Force K-9, member. Live Find/Disaster K9 Handler (5yrs); Assistant trainer and handler positions with local teams.

Edie has and does hold certifications with Global Safety K9 Ops, NASAR, AERIE, AWADA, and AMPWDA.