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Ed Hajek

Trailing Instructor
*Instructor/ Evaluator, INBTI(InterNational Bloodhound Training Institute)

*Assistant Manager/K9 Handler/Mantrailing Instructor, Long Island K9 SAR
Ed has over fourteen years of K9 Training experience in teaching, evaluating and training Mantrailing K9 teams (Police and SAR) in the US, Europe, Mexico and Africa. Ed is currently training his 3rd K9 partner for mantrailing which is a Porcelaine named Bolt as well as his current Bloodhound Buster.
Ed’s background is K9 mantrailing is similar to Heidi Hajek’s. Our start with mantrailing and our bloodhound led us to Kevin Kocher and INBTI (Known as NBTI back in the day) Our training and consistent influence from Kevin has given us the opportunity to not only train a solid mantrailing dog, but help 100s of students do the same. Today our goal is continue to teach mantrailing using “The Kocher Method” as Kevin taught it and wrote it in his book while making sure to personalize the system to each K9 team’s specific needs.