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Debee Junge

NASAR HRD Evaluator

Debee Junge has been involved with K9 Search and Rescue for nine years. She has trained four NASAR certified Search and Rescue dogs. She is certified in the following Canine disciplines: All levels of Area Search, including scent discrimination; All levels of HRD Land, HRD Water, and HRD Disaster. She is also certified for Articles. Debee is a Lead Evaluator for NASAR , and enjoys evaluating Canine teams, teaching, training, and assisting others to reach their goals with their Canine partner. Debee is an active member of Civil Air Patrol, having the distinction of starting the first Canine Unit used as a resource for Searching in Civil Air Patrol. As the Canine Group Leader in the Arizona Wing, she has developed a strong presence for the team in the state. Debee also belongs to the Coconino SAR team in Flagstaff Arizona, the second largest county in the nation. She works with the FBI and local law enforcement on missing persons and cold cases throughout AZ, including several Indian Reservations. Debee is certified as a STRETCH I, WFR(Wilderness First Responder), and in Swift Water. Debee is part of the Ground Zero SAR Team and on the Board of directors for GZ in Oklahoma. She is working with GZ on Canine bio- detection. For this endeavor, she has new a puppy that was born June 1, 2021.