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Dawn Gorrell

HRD Instructor

Dawn Gorrell is a NASAR SARTECH II certified responder and a Human Remains Detection canine handler. She and her K9 have several years of experience in search and rescue on land. Her Australian Shepherd Cessna, is certified through NASAR as a Human Remains Detection (HRD) K9. Dawn and Cessna have attended several seminars in search and rescue techniques, both in the classroom and out in the field. Dawn is also a computer science engineer and was employed with United Space Alliance, who was the prime contractor for preparing and launching America’s fleet of space shuttles. Dawn was hired by Gatehouse Media as a Business Analyst in April 2014 after being laid off from United Space Alliance in August 2013.

K9: Cessna is a (NASAR) Human Remains Detection (HRD) certified K9. She started her training at two years of age. Cessna was named such due to the fact that when she was acquired, she was picked up and brought to her forever home in a Cessna 180 airplane. On several occasions, Cessna (also known as Cesse) has flown with her handler all over the eastern United States region for various activities. As all K9s (especially Aussies) need a job, Cessna and her handler became interested in Search and Rescue/Human Remains Detection in 2011 and found this to be a perfect fit. Cesse has excelled in this discipline and has a genuine love for her job, as does her handler.