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Darrin Niemeier

HRD Instructor

Darrin Niemeier is a retired Captain from the Kansas City Missouri fire department. Where he served for 25 years. He joined Missouri Search and Rescue in 2009, being active in the different management committee roles where he is currently serving in the dispatcher position. Since 2009 he has been actively working a Human Remains Detection K9 and is working his 4th HR K9 while training his 5th HR dog and his 1st electronics detection K9. He has conducted countless searches with MOSAR along with several searches across the country for various agencies, many of which were criminal in nature. Darrin is the owner of Storm K9 Solutions, LLC which was formed for the purpose of bringing quality Search and Rescue training to teams across the country. As a firefighter, he was an instructor at Blue River Community College where he taught fire fighting. This is when his passion and love for teaching was realized. He learned a lot about the instructor-student relationship and how to communicate with people at different levels to help them meet their objectives. He also learned the value of a strong foundation and mastering the basics in whatever discipline your learning. This is reflected in his philosophy in dog training where a foundation and basics are the building blocks of success.