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Dan Woodruff

Trailing Instructor

• Trailing Certification Evaluator: NASDN, Midwest K9 ERT
• Midwest K-9 Emergency Response Team, Vice President 2002 – present

I have personally trained and worked 4 different K9’s over the last 20 years in the disciplines of scent specific man-trailing and cadaver. Myself and team have built a solid reputation with many Law Enforcement Agencies in our area. Our callouts are from missing persons to felony cases. I look at every callout to become a felony case and if you keep that mindset you will be always cautious to not ruin a scene. My last K9 received a Life Saving award from the Mayor of Hanover Park.

I have worked alongside many strong instructors and have learned from many K9’s and handlers. I like to use my time to help others as best as I can. I have evaluated and trained many Law Enforcement K9 in our area and still do.

I have evaluated and instructed many times across the US and enjoy a K9 Team that is willing to learn. I have instructed a few times with Kevin Kocher (a man that is missed) and always appreciated his integrity. Get his book it helps with all angles of running a K9. But make sure to train consistently and always give your k9 the best paycheck at the end.