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Chris Boyd

Trailing Instructor

International Trailing Instructor

Chris Boyd has been training working dogs since 1997.  She is a retired police sergeant from the City of Madison Police Department in Wisconsin.  As a K-9 handler, she worked a Dutch Shepherd and German Shepherd.  She started MPD’s K9 unit which quickly developed into an eight K9 team unit. Chris was the Unit’s trainer and supervisor for over 10 yrs.

Chris has been training trailing K9 teams international since 2012, serving search and rescue, police and border patrol teams worldwide. She is an INTBI-International Bloodhound Training Institute instructor and evaluator (  Chris currently handles a dual-purpose Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound with Wisconsin K9 SOS Search and Rescue (  They assist law enforcement work missing persons cases throughout the Midwest.

In her spare time, Chris provides personal dog trainer lessons, and is a service dog trainer for ‘10-8 Service Dogs’ (  With “10-8” she trains a variety of skills needed from diabetic alert dogs to emotional support dogs.

Chris’s passion and calling has alays been working with dogs. A favorite saying of hers is “Provide opportunities and let your dog show you what they can do and what they need”.