Debee Henschen

Debee Henschen has been involved with K9 Search and Rescue for 9 years and has trained 4 NASAR certified Search and Rescue dogs. She is certified in the following Canine disciplines: All levels of Area Search, including scent discrimination; All levels of HRD Land, HRD Water, and HRD Disaster. She is also certified for Articles. […]

TC Crippen

TC has been serving in K-9 Search and Rescue for over 15 years and has certified dogs in Trailing, Tracking, Area and Disaster with civilian SAR and law enforcement agencies (NASAR, NNDDA, NAPWDA). TC is a SARTECH I evaluator, a Canine SARTECH I, and holds multiple certifications in search management. TC has served as K-9 […]

Robin Gruebel

Robin Habeger Greubel has been involved in canine search and rescue since 2001, starting in wilderness and human remains detection and expanded into disaster work. She trains and deploys with Nebraska Task Force 1 and Iowa Task Force 1 and is a FEMA instructor and evaluator for both live and HRD. Robin is also a […]

Edie Wiley

Edith Wiley (Edie) was raised in far northern Alberta, Canada.  Her family had a trap-line dog team as well as a dog sled racing kennel of, at times, more than 50 dogs.  Edie was running a dog team at the age of eight years. Once her five children were mostly raised Edie found K9 SAR […]