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Alpha SAR 2012 In Review

Alpha SAR members working with maps

2012 for Alpha Search and Recovery was a big year. Alpha Search and Recovery was founded in June last year. Since then we have become a Texas non-profit corporation, a 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt organization, launched the website, trained over 1,200 hours with people and canines, had 2 dogs become nationally certified, 7 members have become Alpha SAR Level IV Search Technicians, attended 3 seminars with multiple members, started an amazon store ( to share good books and supplies with team members, started a GoodSearch/GoodShop ( account to raise additional funds, enrolled in Kroger and Randall Community programs, and held 3 PR events to raise money and awareness about the team. Overall a very successful year and 2013 should prove to be a bigger and better year!