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2018 Fall Canine Seminar

October 22-24
Forest Glen Camp
Huntsville, Texas

2018 Fall Canine Seminar


We are pleased to welcome these phenomenal instructors to the seminar. We hope that you will find their guidance and instruction helpful to your teams skills and knowledge.

Amanda Ott
HRD Instructor
Chuck Melvin
Area Search Instructor
Cindy McArthur
NASAR HRD Evaluator
Dan Woodruff
Trailing Instructor
Janet Yatchak
NASAR HRD Evaluator
Kimberly Kelly
HRD Instructor


We thank you for your support
and generosity!

Our seminar is known for having some of the best goodie bags and auction items thanks to our generous sponsors! Previous year’s goodie bags have been valued at over $175 and auction items with over $5,000 in canine gear, search and rescue pack items, survival gear, and more!