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2016 Alpha SAR at Fire Marshal Training Center

On April 30th, Alpha Search and Recovery was invited to the Harris County Fire Marshal Training Center for a
second year. Our team had the opportunity to work with the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office last year, which resulted in a learning experience for all involved and great friendships to be made. Since our last visit, a rubble pile has been added to increase the availability of disaster scenarios to the facility. Many of our canines enjoyed their first experience in on the newly constructed rubble pile.

The day started out looking stormy and wet, but cleared up to become a wonderfully fun and productive day and allowing the mud to add another challenge to the day. Our team was able to work many other scenarios we were not used to, such 20160430_105143as abandoned vehicles, wrecked trains, and conex boxes.

Outside of using the unique environment to train in, we were able to work with other canine teams. All of the canines there were amazing at what they did, and all of us at Alpha SAR are so thankful for having this opportunity to again work at such a unique environment with such amazing people.