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2013 1st Quarter Mini Mock Search

2013 Mock Search briefing

The Alpha SAR team had a great Mock Search this quarter on February 23, 2013 around the Blackhawk and Dixie Farm area. All approved dogs and teammates came out with trailing, area and cadaver scenarios setup for each dog. We had eight dogs participate in the exercise making for a very full schedule for the day. Veteran team member and Treasurer Board Member, Lynley Todd setup scenarios based on the different skilled level dog/handler experience. Kristin Smaltz (Alpha SAR President) assisted Lynley with having a smooth operation and successful Mock Search. Team members took turns to be at incident command, to record activates and locations on the search map. Members in the field also took turns handling their canine, running maps, communications, gps, clue awareness, and safety positions. Critical search and rescue skills were demonstrated in the field and terrific team corporation. A special thank you to Kyle Gabry, Nick Harp, Karl Heiman, and Dustin Hogard for volunteering to be “lost” individuals for the different scenarios.